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Hydro Nation Scholars Alumni Association

The HNSP Alumni association supports the goals of the wider Hydro Nation and Hydro Nation Scholars Programme (HNSP). The Alumni association seeks to strengthen ties between the alumni, the active Scholars and wider Hydro Nation community, with the aim of sharing experiences and expertise.

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Dr Kerr Adams
The Scottish Water Landscape and its resilience to change: an assessment to support future
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Dr Maricela Blair
Micro- and Nanoplastics in Wastewater Treatment Systems and Receiving Waters
Dr Bas Buddendorf
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Dr Bas Buddendorf
Multiscale Modelling to Assess Impacts on Flows and Ecology in Regulated Rivers
Valerio Cappadona
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Dr Valerio Cappadona
Can Wastewater Treatment Plants Cope with Future Nanoparticle Loading Scenarios?
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Dr Julius Cesar Alejandre
Blue-Green Prescribing for a Healthier Population and a Healthier Water Environment
Jonathan Fletcher
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Dr Jonathan Fletcher
Optimising Multi-Pollutant Phytoremediation Strategies to Sustainably Improve Raw Water Quality
Fortune Gomo
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Dr Fortune Gomo
Supporting Better Decisions Across the Nexus of Water-Energy-Food Challenges
Bhawana Gupta
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Dr Bhawana Gupta
Tackling the Challenge of the Water Food Energy Nexus in India and Scotland
Kirsty Holstead
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Dr Kirsty Holstead
Understanding community water governance: What shapes local decision-making and what are the implications?
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Dr Elliot Hurst
The Multiple Benefits of Decentralised Water Treatment in Rural India
Nazli Koseoglu
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Dr Munire Nazli Koseoglu
Optimising Water Use in Scotland: Valuation, Tradability and Portfolio Theory
Yuan Li
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Dr Yuan Li
Can Low Cost Biosorbent Technology be use to Efficiently Remove Steriod Hormones and Pharmaceutical Residues from Wastewater Effluents?
Craig McDougall
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Dr Craig McDougall
The Role of Scotland's Inland Waters in Promoting Blue-Health in Rural Communities
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Dr Indira de Menezes Castro
Elimination at source of biocidal agents from fresh water environments by TiO2 photocatalysis
Ruby Moynihan
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Dr Ruby Moynihan
The Contribution of the UNECE Water Regime to Multi-Level Co-operation and Cross-Sectoral Coherence in International Water Law
Nandan Mukherjee
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Dr Nandan Mukherjee
Integrated River Basin Management Framework Under the Lens of Loss and Damage
Aaron Neill
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Dr Aaron Neill
Linking Small-Scale Hydrological Flow Paths, Connectivity and Microbiological Transport to Protect Remote Private Water Supplies
Lydia Niemi
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Dr Lydia Niemi
Pharmaceutical occurrence, distribution and degradation in rural wastewaters and surface waters in Scotland
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Dr Rita Noelle Moussa
Conversion of wastewaters and organic waste into chemicals, energy and organic fertilizer
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Dr Victoria Porley
Water Purification in Rural India using Sunlight and Low-Cost Materials
Sughayshinie Samba Sibam
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Dr Sughayshinie Samba Sibam
Epidemiology of Private Drinking Water Supplies in Scotland
Juan Carlos Sanchez
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Dr Juan Carlos Sanchez
Transboundary Waters and Ecosystems: Opportunities for Improved Cooperative Governance
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Dr Christopher Schulz
The Value Base of Water Governance in the Upper Paraguay River Basin, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Diana Souza Moura
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Dr Diana Souza Moura
Microplastics as a vector for Micropollutants in Aquatic Environments
Kathleen Stosch
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Dr Kathleen Stosch
Building Resilience to Respond to Future Environmental Change Across Scottish Catchments
Robert Šakić Trogrlić
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Dr Robert Šakić Trogrlić
The role of local knowledge in community-based flood risk management in Malawi
Carolin Vorstius
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Dr Carolin Vorstius
Safeguarding and Improving Raw Water Quality by Increasing Catchment Resilience