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Scholar Biography

Dr Rita Noelle Moussa

Conversion of wastewaters and organic waste into chemicals, energy and organic fertilizer

Project Dates: 1 October 2019 - 30 September 2023
Viva Date:29 March 2024

“Life can be wonderful if you’re not afraid of it, All it takes is Courage, Imagination and a little Dough” Charlie Chaplin

Rita Noelle is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She is investigating the production of valuable chemicals, energy and organic fertilizer from municipal wastewaters and organic waste, using anaerobic mixed microbial culture. The performance of the process is being assessed by measuring the volatile fatty acids yield, hydrogen and methane yields, chemical oxygen demand, and pH.

She has worked on different research projects in the field of wastewater treatment at the University of Aberdeen and has participated in multiple internships in Lebanon and France.

Rita Noelle has participated in 30+ national and international conferences about clean water, water management, and climate action. In addition, Rita Noelle co-founded the Energy Transition Society at the University of Aberdeen and is currently a member of the International Water Association Young Water Professionals (IWA YWP) and the Scottish Freshwater Group (SFG). Recently, she co-founded the Postgraduate group in the Catholic Community at the University of Aberdeen, and she is leading stress-relief and theatre sessions to support PhD students mental health.